Sinch Bale Feeders™


                    IT'S A SINCH

For all sales inquiries outside USA please contact Gerard Kenna Australia 0419575515 or

We are always keen to answer any type of enquiry you might have and can arrange for you to contact any of our very happy customers. In Australia we have machines in Western Australia,South Australia,Victoria & New South Wales & we can more than likely give you contact details of a very happy usernear you


"We have been using this amazing machine since mid 2016. We would be buggered without it" Noel Pengilly Eugowra New South Wales Australia

in US we have machines in Oregon,Idaho,California, Utah & Colorado & more than likely can put you in touch with a happy user near you 

"I had a gentleman from Oregon call me about our big square bale feeders yesterday. I certainly gave him a positive opinion of them. We sure like ours".& " As time goes on, we continue to be even more impressed with the feeders, only wish we would have purchased them sooner" Todd Barr XX Ranch Manassa Colorado .

 Tyler Westhoff & Charles Redd La Sal Utah proudly in front of their 10 big csquare bale feeder. Tyler commented: " We started feeding hay out on our farm ground in the winter times as a way to add carbon, energy & fertility to the soil during the dormant time of the year. For 2 winters we were flaking the hay off the back of a semi flatbead trailer or off a flatbed trailer pulled by a tractor. It was very labor intensive & took 3 guys several hours a day. I finally got fed up with how labor intensive it was & started looking for a better way to flake the hay. There were several already here in the US but all looked very complicated & like there could be potential for breakdowns & lots of maintenance. To me simple is always better. In my search I came across Sinch Bale Feeders & could see that was what I was looking for. In the short amount of time we've been able to use it has made feeding hay much simpler. It turned a 3 man job into a one man job & is much more efficient & works great"   Tyler Westhoff Redd Agri La Sal Utah

"Our big square big bale feeder is working great love it.We are using it every other day to feed 18 big squares every feed day. We are now able to use one person to load & feed. We also figure we are saving 2 hours per day in time feeding. Also noticed with some grass hay that doesn't flake off too well, this is not an issue with the Sinch Big Square Bale Feeder" Scott Robbens Dixon California 

" our big square bale feeder works flawlessly. Happy with the investment so far" Scott Duffner Dinsdale Farm Silver Lake Oregon