Sinch Bale Feeders™

Sinch Big Square Bale Feeder

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Here are some of the world class features of the awards winning Sinch Big Square Bale Feeder

  • can easily be towed over public roads,Sinch Big Square Bale Feeders are not much wider than 8 feet loaded 
  • Best in class feed- out times: 8 bales in under 15 minutes
  • Mining industry standard chain and sprocket withstand working loads 6-8 times normal use.
  • the hydraulic drive is designed to operate 24 hours per day. Even w9ith heavy use,actual operating hours are a fraction of that
  • this unit can easily push 5 big bales so we set relief valve to push 3 for 6 bale model
  • no need to pull strings from bales.Look up youtube video "how the Sinch bale feeder removes the strings". All the string collects after each feed-out event
  • if you closely study rear bale flaker 2 3 1/2 inch diam steel rings welded on top flaker arm, so that if you need to adjust height a tractor fork slips in to raise or lower with a series of holes in vertical member
  • we advise when bringing in rolls from the field to remove the top big bale Flakers (a one minute job) because rolls roll & can do damage especially if it falls from 2-3 high
  • top big bale flaker has one grease point at hinge bottom big bale flakers 4 grease points which don't require much grease. The only point that requires regular greasing is axel for rear idler that chain goes around
  • spring loaded height adjustable flakers

REMOVABLE / DETACHABLE big bale feeder units 4 & 6 bale

platform on the left a 25 feet platform (6 bale) ready for Sinch Bale Feeder installation

the finished detachable big bale feeder on the truck ready to go

Feeding Farm Efficiency

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enough for a few days strip grazed