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Very quick, very safe Big Square Bale Feeder
"10 bales to 1000 head or half bale to 20 head it’s a Sinch
Big Bale Feeder raring to go!
The hard way
Sales rep Christina Goss Klamath Falls Oregon 541-219-1635
Big Bale Feeder gamechanger
Todd Barr XX Ranch Manassa Colorado "as time goes on, we continue to be ever more impressed with the big square bale feeders,only wished we would have purchased them sooner"........................a 6 bale big square bale demo unit is available to try for any ranchers in the San Luis Valley : no strings attached & no cost



6 bale detachable Bale Feeder with wireless remote control

Above Pilot Rock Oregon US

For all Bale Feeder sales inquiries outside USA please contact Gerard Kenna :

Below The very first prototype built from ground up 2008 at "Scarriff" The Sisters Victoria Australia 




all units hydraulic hoses are interchangeable between tractor & wireless  hydraulic power pack. Very simple matter to swap between the two

6 bale Bale Feeder .24 feet detachable platform ready for Sinch installation. Proving very popular for those who already have a trailer to sit it on. Trailer can be longer or shorter than platform.


THIS IS A 10-BALE FEEDER FIXED INSTALLATIONON A SECOND HAND GOOSE NECK TRAILER Tyler Westhoff Redd Agri La Sal Utah on left is responsible for introduction to US market says "to me simple is always better,it has made feeding hay much simpler. It has turned a 3 man job into a one-man job, is more efficient and works great". Charles Redd Redd Agri on right is President of Sinch Bale Feeders USA.
THIS IS THE FIRST SINCH Big BALE FEEDER Fully manufactured in US.-a fixed 6 bale feeder trailer unit with key start remote controlled hydraulic power unit.Norm Kessler of Pendleton Oregon agreed to take it on trial basis.Initially his Cowboys were sceptical commenting " it doesn't look to have enough moving parts!" they said. But it didn't take them long to realize how easy it made feeding cattle and they quickly convinced Norm to order a second unit! Norm says "Sinch Bale Feeders are brilliantly simple, innovative hay feeder that can easily be towed up the highway"
a 6 bale detachable on way for Sinch Feeder installation